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St. Patrick's Day Bixby Irish Coffee Hot Chocolate

St. Patrick's Day Bixby Irish Coffee Hot Chocolate

With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d get everyone ready by creating a Bixby Irish Coffee Hot Chocolate! We shared this on the @maine_spirits page and it’s so good we needed to share it here! This delicious recipe serves 6.

🍀1 12-ounce bottle Guinness or other stout
🍀 8 oz of Bixby Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate
🍀1 pinch kosher salt
🍀 3 cups whole milk
🍀 4 ounces Irish cream liqueur
🍀4 ounces Irish Whiskey

🍀Cook Guinness over medium-high heat in a saucepan until it’s syrupy and has reduced
down to about 1/2 cup, about 10 minutes. Set the syrup aside.
🍀 In a separate medium saucepan, whisk in the milk and Bixby Drinking Chocolate
mix and heat on medium, whisking constantly, until chocolate is fully incorporated.
🍀Add the Irish cream liqueur, the reserved stout syrup, and the whiskey. Stir.

When you’re ready to serve, froth the mixture with a hand blender, a milk frother, or a whisk. Serve hot! Cheers! 🍫