Frequently Asked Questions


Some, but not all products contain allergens such as soy, dairy, and/or nuts. All Bixby products are crafted in a facility where other products containing nuts, dairy, and soy are produced. 

For further information about allergens view specific product's ingredient list which are included on a product's purchasing page.

Most of our offerings are gluten free.

For further information, view a products description tab or ingredients tab.

Bixby has a large collection of certified vegan offerings. They can be easily found by going to Online Ordering's drop down menu and selecting Vegan Chocolate. 

For further information about certifications view a products description tab or ingredients tab. 

Not every product is organic, however each product is non-gmo (genetically modified organism) as well as ethically sourced. Our organic offerings include: Bean-to-Bar bars, Cacao Nibs, drinking chocolates and Nutty for You and Nutty for ME products (both bars and bites).

For further information about certifications view a products description tab or ingredients tab.


Bean-to-Bar refers to the steps a chocolatier takes to produce a final product from a ripe cacao pod. At its simplest, the term describes a chocolatier’s management of the supply chain of the cacao bean from its source. Converting the bean into a finished chocolate product is an intensive process. At Bixby, we source our organically certified cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala and Belize. They shipped to us in 70 kilo bags after they have been extracted from the pod, fermented and dried. Here in our Bean-to-bar kitchen, we roast small batches of the beans, run them through a winnowing machine to separate the nibs from the husks. We then grind, temper, and mold the chocolate. From roasting to packaging takes a week of time.

Bixby products are available in many grocery chains, fine food shops and food co-ops in Maine and New England. If not available in an area near you, please visit our website and place an order of your favorite Bixby items.

Please call stores in advance to ensure the specific flavors and products are available.

Bixby manages inventory for immediate shipping and continuously makes product for direct wholesale. Our website has a turnover period of five days. Products that are listed as out of stock are often in production and are added back to the website when they are ready to ship.

Currently we do not offer gift cards that can be redeemed online. Gift cards can however, be purchased at our retail space in Rockland, Maine. If you have a gift card and wish to order online please call our office and we will help place your order.

The organic and/or non-gmo beans are usually more expensive due to production and certification costs. Our products are made in small batches with a focus on quality of taste and appearance. This careful attention costs more than mass produced chocolate offerings.


We ship throughout the United States. 

Ideally, we ship an order within 24 hours. While your order may arrive sooner, please allow for five days for your order to reach you. Tracking numbers are usually posted to allow you to monitor the progress of an order. We do not ship over the weekend as our office is closed.

Please know that once a package has been posted, and picked up from the Bixby factory, its delivery time hinges on the carriers’ schedule.

Shipping costs are real costs, and we have no way, other than charging more for our products to recoup our direct costs.

To prevent melting chocolate requires temperatures below 65F. Before we ship any product in the summer and year-round to locations in the SE and SW, we check the weather online.  Should the weather forecast indicate higher temperatures, we pack with ice.