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Milk Chocolate Toffee
Lorraine Raymond
The best toffee ever

It’s simply the best. Just sweet enough, just salty enough, just crunchy enough. 😊

BFCM Free Bundle
Diane Fortin

BFCM Free Bundle

Was a gift to someone else

This is the only holiday gift my clients have commented on

I've sent a bunch of gifts to clients over the years up until one year I sent Bixby bars. Multiple clients commented on how much they loved them which had never happened with any other gift I'd sent.

Thanks Bixby Chocolate for making such delicious treats!

Champagne Bonbons
Kristine Wright

Champagne Bonbons

All you need is a fire in the fireplace or a ski slope!

This is the best hot chocolate. I've tried many others, some pretty damn pricey, that weren't even close to the quality of Bixby. Rock on Maine!

Great vegan and gluten-free options!

Love them! Such a great treat for my niece who is vegan and gluten-free! She loves them. And it’s so nice to be able to have something safe to give her ! So glad we found your company! And the shipping was so quick even during the holiday season. Thank you


Another amazing treat

Just another beautifully crafted, delicious treat from Bixby's. Like everything I have ever had here the attention to detail, careful blending of flavors and crafting of these was wonderful. Recommend these highly along with the rest of their delicious treats!

Holly Merrow
Too Expensive

They taste just like a Needham. But they are way too expensive for two candies in a bag. You are in Rockland Maine, not New York City.

Organic Split Rock Bourbon Bar

The friends who received this as a gift raved about its flavor and richness!

Bob bons


Maine Maple Vanilla Bonbons
Janet Morrissey

There's nothing else to say. The review title says it all. Main Maple Vanilla Bonbons are HEAVENLY!

Organic Haitian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Organic Haitian Dark Chocolate Bar is delicious!

Such a wonderful bar of chocolate - so rich and perfect to eat with a glass of red wine! Try it and you'll see! I will be ordering it again and again for myself and for those I love!

Belize the Best

The Belize chocolate was terrific! All were good but the Belize was the best.

Delicious Chocolate!

Best tasting chocolate bites!

Your hot chocolate is the best

My family loves your products. I just wish they'd buy some for me...

Beer Brittle
TRY IT! you won't regret it

I tried a sample of it at the Hospitality Summit at the Samoset resort, and had buy some to share with my husband. I wasn't even sure if I was a fan of peanut brittle or not, but this stuff is AMAZING! it took so much willpower to not eat the entire bag all in one sitting! makes a great gift as well.

Everything I'd want

This bar is just right: the the right amount of candied ginger, just the right amount of luscious dark chocolate, just the right amount of nougat! I'm addicted.

Dark Chocolate Toffee
Mary Sherwood

Excellent toffee😊 Love the dark chocolate covering and melt in your mouth toffee, after the crunchy bites.

Dark Chocolate Toffee
Matthew Peterson

Dark Chocolate Toffee

Ronda Giust
Love Needhams

Born and raised in Maine and Needhams are one of my favorite candies. I now live in the PNW-you go it, NO Needhams. So happy to find Bixby!! I am not able to enjoy Needhams again. INtoduece them to my husband and they are not his favorite!!

Perfect Gift

My sister cannot start her day unless she has her cup of hot chocolate (I’m partial to coffee). I noticed an extra bounce in her step after she received the Mayan Drinking Chocolate and she confirms that it is some of the best she has ever had! …and as always, the staff at Bixby are delightful..

Bixby Chocolate Advent Calendar
Greg S.
Best chocolates around!

Bixby chocolates are the best around. They make great gifts as well as great midnight snacks.