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Allagash Beer Brittle
William F.B.
A go-to treat

Delightful brittle with a little salt and a hint of Allagash beer. Love all of these collabs with Allagash.

Incredible crunchy creamy chocolate bites, very delicious, and our favorite vegan chocolate snack!

Allagash Beer Brittle
Geoffrey M.
Beer Brittle Better???

Better Believe!! Bully Bully Bixby!!

Best chocolate

Best chocolate I even eaten. I got so many kinds and each of them tasted incredible !


It was one of the best coffees we’ve had. Can’t wait to get more.

Assorted Gift Boxes of Bixby Bars (6 or 12 bars)

All good!

I liked all of the bars. Amazing how Bixby got the flavors in all the bars to blend really well.

Joan D.
My great grand fathers candy

Thomas Needham made these candys many many years ag and they are excellent. I kept asking people in Maine if they heard of them, No was answer until I was in LL Beans 2 years ago & there they were bought them all. I was taking them home for family, after a month I had none to take home, enjoyed very much. Glad I was able to order more this year

Knockout - Milk Chocolate + Chipotle + Peanuts + Bing Cherries

Amarena Cherry Bon Bons

They were really excellent!

My Favorite Snacks

I absolutely love the snack bars. Best tasting bar you’ll ever eat!!! They are worth every penny!!!

Confection Perfection!

Light, crunchy, smooth, buttery, chocolatey. It’s the best toffee!


Our order was shipped fast and perfectly.. the creme Brule bars are magnificent!!


The bonbons were a gift so I did not taste them. I expect they were delicious.

Body Butter
Bernadette F.
Best Body Butter

Moisturizes without being greasy and smells fantastic.

The best I’ve ever had.

The dark chocolate toffee is great, really enjoyable!

I was a little disappointed in the dark chocolate covered espresso/coffee beans. I can’t give you an exact reason why. They were small though, and I have had better.

Smooth and creamy

I’m not a fan of milk chocolate, but wanted to try something other than dark. I enjoyed this bar and used most of it for homemade truffles. It’s like a dark chocolate or a very dark milk chocolate, very smooth and creamy. I also got the one with coconut milk, which was a tad darker, with a hint of coconut. That was excellent.

Best Bean to Bar

Chocolate matters. Bixby treats chocolate reverently, expertly, and sustainably. Magnificent flavor. Each day I look forward to savoring my order’s decadent treats. A great American business.


The peppermint drinking chocolate has the perfect amount of peppermint. It is not over-powering at all. It is very satisifying and GREAT TASTING! Love it!

I think I'll eat it now

These bars were delicious. The dairy and gluten free chocolate is what brought me in, but the taste is amazing. Not overly blueberry flavored, but still delicious and disappeared very quickly.


Dark Chocolate + Espresso. Need I say more?

My absolute favorite

I'm dairy free so its so hard to find a delicious treat without dairy, I'm committed to this treat

I thought I had requested NO salt or pecans on top, but it came with salt. That was a disappointment, but otherwise, it was delicious.

Dark, rich and creamy

I’m enjoying this bar. It’s a delicious creamy dark chocolate with a slight hint of coconut flavor.