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Great Gift

My son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren ALL loved their bon bon…and asked for more.


We tried the cherry non bond for the first time recently and they were delicious! Will order again.

The perfect gift! Thanks for making my go-to gifts for my loved ones.

Bixenta Coffee
Kelly S.
Valentine Magic

Thank you for making Valentine’s Day extra special. I purchased this gift package for my husband, and your coffee made him so happy! He loved the flavor and enjoyed brewing it to bring to work in the morning. The chocolates, the drinking chocolate, and the cacao nibs are amazingly delicious! We have enjoyed sharing all of the goodies, and he put the special moose card on his desk at the office. We are truly grateful!

The best-and my favorite!

It’s the best and local!

Empty bonbon

Embarrassed to have the gift box opened and the recipient to find no filling in one of the bonbons.

Absolutely yummy!

Mayan Mocha

The delicious flavor of a Mayan Mocha made with whole milk and a double espresso is a great way to start the day. It’s amazing!


A tasty centerpiece for a birthday celebration! The claws were quickly dismantled leaving me to wonder if next time, more claws, less lobstah, :)

Excellent grandchildren gifts for Valentines! Lobsters from Maine! They each have a favorite chocolate and this was perfect!

This was our third order of Amarena Cherry Bon Bons and it was a perfect complement to our Valentines Day celebration. Great chocolates from a great confection crew. Thanks!

Gift Card
Lorraine R.
Great gift

The card arrived in my email within a minute or two of placing the order. I printed it and wrapped it up with 2 Bixby hearts for my friend’s anniversary. They were delighted!

Taste of Home

The vegan blueberry bonbons were wonderful! The chocolate was so smooth and the blueberry filling left a fresh berry aftertaste. Can’t wait to try the vegan pistachio bonbons.

Valentine's gift for hubby

Husband says the puffin bar was delicious. Likes that it is supporting the Puffin project, too.

The best of the best!!!

My husband loves your candy and bars. He said it is the best chocolate he has ever tasted. He is addicted to the Toffee!
Your service is so good too-

Great chocolate bar!

Great chocolate bar with blueberries. Just big enough to satisfy a chocolate fix.

Nina L.
The best dark chocolate/coconut treat ever1

These wonderful, large pieces of candy are so delicious you only need to eat one (okay maybe 2 on special ocasions).
No other chocolate/coconut candy even comes close. I'm spoiled forever!

Mail order success

Complete satisfaction, the service was as good as the chocolate.

Lupines Card
Nancy G.

Lupines Card


These are the most amazing chocolates I’ve had in years!! Love that they are GF and egg-free. I had to resist eating them all at once.

Love the Whippersnapper bars!

I received a whipper snapper bar in my stocking at Christmas time from my cousin. I loved it so much that I placed an order and will soon be placing a second order. Very delicious!

Bought these for my husband, and he loves them. I do, too!! They are so good. When you take a bite, the chocolate separates from the toffee, though. That's why I'm rating it a 4.

Great gift

Gave these as a birthday gift…they loved them!


The Needhams are delicious! Fantastic chocolate and yummy center. Thank you!