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Good to the very last bit! AND delivery was quick, quick, quick!

One of our favorites!

My husband and I enjoy Bixby so much we've started sending products to family on special occasions.
This was given as a gift for my sister's birthday. She absolutely loved them! Out of state family now always looks forward to anything Bixby!

Perfect Gift

For family members who are gluten and dairy intolerant, these bars are a delicious way to welcome visitors from "away". Big hit with our niece and great nephews.

Allagash Beer Brittle
Christine C.
Allagash Beer Brittle

Absolutely loved it. Wish it was a little bit thinner.

Amazing chocolate

Awesome vegan chocolate bar. I love all these chocolate bars!!!

Such a special treat!

Bixby Chocolates are in a class of their own. We give them as gifts for teachers, housewarming, birthdays, etc. and they are always received with rave reviews. We treat ourselves to them too, and we enjoy every morsel!

Great Bridal Shower favor

The pretty red box was a great pop on the table at each place. Most were gone before the event was over. Loved them.

Best Bon Bons Ever!

A wonderful treat for any day or a special day.

The best!!

Amazing sea salt caramel chocolates. I wish I didn’t eat then so quickly.

Fast delivery, incredible tasting chocolate

Bixby Chocolate is the best chocolate that I’ve eaten. I am not exaggerating. And they got it to me quickly. What else can I say.

Peanut Butter Lobster Claws

These Peanut Butter Lobster Claws are delicious. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is fantastic. I'm a first time buyer with Bixby Chocolate and I will be ordering again. It's an amazing impact a TV show has on local businesses in Maine. I would have never have known about Bixby Chocolate, but I watched :The Lost Kitchen" series !


I got the box with 6 !! Next time I will get more because I don’t want them to be gone….ever!!! Very delicious treat ❣️

Best chocolate ever

Rich, creamy dark chocolate with a hint of bourbon and raisin. Warning, highly addictive.


Dark Chocolate is my favorite and this rich chocolate combined with sea salt caramel drives one to enjoy a fantastic candy lovers delight.

Excellent…love them

They’re ok wouldn’t order again


Crème Brûlée Bar
Anne-Marie V.Q.
A Heavenly Confection

The white chocolate Creme Brulee Bar is extraordinary. Made of the finest white chocolate I’ve ever tasted, it’s a pleasure to learn that this is made in Maine. Many cheers to the Bixby Chocolate crew. You have created a masterpiece!

Blood orange caramel Bon Bon

These Bon Bons were so fresh and full of flavor with a perfect tang. I will be buying again, as well as passing the message across. Thank you for making such delightful chocolate. Your dedication was tasted in every bite.

The Best Creamy Milk Chocolate

This is the best candy I’ve ever had. That is why I ordered directly from you so is to share with my friends and tell them they are made here in Maine by a group of women in Rockland, Maine.

It’s very difficult to find soy free chocolates. I enjoyed the chocolates without concern for my allergy.

Allagash Beer Brittle
Jennifer N.
Allagash Beer Brittle Binge!

My cousin, for whom I bought the Allagash Beer Brittle describes it as something wonderfully addictive that encourages the urge to binge on again and again. This candy is definitely a winner!

Pam R.

Full of delicious coconut! Inredebilly good!