S'mores Pizza

S'mores Pizza

Whether you have a pizza oven, regular oven or a campfire - this recipe is perfect for holding on to summer nights ✨

Here’s how: 🍫 Roll out your pizza dough and bake it on its own until it’s nearly cooked through

🍫 Take it out of the oven (or remove from campfire carefully)

🍫 Coat the pizza crust fully in melted butter

🍫 Sprinkle brown sugar over the whole crust

🍫 Top with marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbles and your favorite Bixby Chocolate! We chopped up some Bixby Bites for some peanut butter flavor 😋

🍫 Add back into the oven or over the campfire until everything is melted and is getting a nice crisp 🍫

Let cool, cut and serve!