Wedding Desserts and Favors

Bixby & Co. Would Like To Be Invited Too…


Bixby & Co., a premier chocolate company in Maine, has a wide variety of chocolate treats that would be welcome on any wedding table, in a gift bag or as favors at pre-wedding events or post wedding good-byes. Bixby uses either organic or nonGMO ingredients in all its products. Bixby & Co. is the only chocolatier in Maine that makes Bean to Bar chocolate, importing organic beans from the Caribbean and Central America to handcraft chocolate that is 70% chocolate and 30% sugar, with no additives or chemicals.


Wedding and/or engagement items include, but are not limited to: handcrafted bonbons, boxed or loose sea-salted caramels, a variety of chocolate coated nuts, and Bixby Bars, a candy bar with organic nuts and dried fruit with less added sugar than ordinary bars. All Bixby products are gluten free and the majority of them are vegan. Bixby & Co. can personalize the presentation of these items to match or coordinate with the events’ color themes. Bixby & Co. would like to be invited.


We can’t wait to introduce you to our exquisite collection of wedding offerings, whether you are seeking a tasty treat to serve at the reception or favors with color-customizable packaging. Please email and we would love to discuss your plans.


Bixby & Co.'s bonbons are exquisite sweets, creamy filled confections, coated in our artisan chocolate. These bonbons are hand-crafted in small batches made with single source chocolate.

 Champagne Bonbons

 Raspberry Rose Bonbons

Mimosa Bonbons

Strawberry Bonbons

Blueberry Mojito Bonbons