20 Karat Bar

20 Karat Bar

Bixby & Co. teams up with Primo Restaurant...

to produce a 20th anniversary chocolate bar especially for Primo. This commemorative bar has been named by Melissa Kelly, Primo’s chef/owner, The 20 Karat Bar. The base of the bar is made from Bixby & Co.’s flight of bean-to-bar chocolates, in this instance, that of the Dominican Republic.

The 20 Karat Bar is made solely from Dominican Republic organic cocoa beans and organic cane sugar with a Primo twist! Added to the mix is Primo’s iconic recipe for almonds, salt and rosemary, a normally savory treat served with drinks and cocktails. This candy bar is sweet, salty and spicy with a rich depth of flavor provided by the dark chocolate.


As a bonus feature, is the possibility of finding a “gold” certificate (a leaf out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory). The holders of a gold certificate will receive a special gift from Primo. The number of bars with certificates will be a limited. The 20 Karat Barwill be sold at all Primo restaurants located in Maine, Arizona and Florida. Bars can also be purchased at Bixby & Co., and area food co-ops.