Of Women and Chocolate

Of Women and Chocolate

We are so proud to be a female-founded and a female-run chocolate company—which is rare in the wide world of chocolatiers! Our mission is to make chocolate confections that are delicious, clean, and natural, with a conscience.

We love treating people and the world well, which is why we are one of the only woman-owned bean to bar producers in the state of Maine and are proud to source organic cacao from female farmers fairly and sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

Kate ensures that the quality organic cocoa beans are directly sourced from Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Belize and Central America’s Guatemala. Kate has visited these areas where she met the farmers who produce the cocoa beans that Bixby Chocolate sources.

Kate McAleer and Donna founded Bixby Chocolate in December 2011 (almost 2012). Kate represents a new breed of young entrepreneurs. This new breed is boldly breaking away from traditional career paths to pursue their passions.

Bixby & Co.'s owners Kate & Donna McAleer make it a priority to visit the country, farms, and organizations that help us create our chocolate confections.

Bixby & Co. works to support the chocolate community through participation in educational tours.