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Bixby Wins Yankee Food Awards!

Bixby Wins Yankee Food Awards!

We are SO excited to share that our Needhams were selected for the 10th annual Yankee Magazine Food Awards!

Author Amy Traverso wrote, “We love Bixby Chocolate’s version, which is chunkier than usual, rich in coconut flavor, and, most important, sweet without being cloying.”

"Back when their state was the nation’s potato-growing capital, Maine cooks found countless ways to incorporate spuds into sweets, from doughnuts to chocolate cake to candies. Needhams are the most famous members of the potato-candy family: a mixture of sugar, coconut, and a dash of potato blended together and coated in dark chocolate. As the story goes, Needhams were invented in the candy shop of John Seavey in Auburn around 1872 and named after George Needham, a popular evangelist. Mainers went wild for them, and they remain a local treasure."